Episode 16: There are Still Servers, but We Don't Care About Them

June 27, 2018
Are you interested in going beyond basic monitoring and visibility? Need tools to build and operate serverless applications and extract business intelligence? IOpipe provides extended visibility and metrics around AWS Lambda, including profiling, core dumps, and incoming input events. Today, we’re talking to Erica Windisch, who is the founder and CTO of IOpipe. She brings her experience in building developer...
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Episode 15: Nagios was the Original Call of Duty

June 20, 2018
Let’s chat about the Cloud and everything in between. The people in this world are pretty comfortable with not running physical servers on their own, but trusting someone else to run them. Yet, people suffer from the psychological barrier of thinking they need to build, design, and run their own monitoring system. Fortunately, more companies are turning to Datadog. Today, we’re talking to Ilan Rabinovit...
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Episode 14: Cheslocked and loaded

June 13, 2018
Do you need data captured that let you know when things don’t look quite right? Need to identify issues before they become major problems for your organization? Turn to Threat Stack, which has Cloud issues of its own, and helps its customers with their Cloud issues. Today, I’m talking to Pete Cheslock, who runs technical operations at Threat Stack, which handles security monitoring, alerting, and remedi...
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Episode 13: Serverlessly Storing my Dad Jokes in a Dadabase

June 06, 2018
Aurora, from Amazon Web Services (AWS), is a MySQL-compatible service for complex database structures. It offers capabilities and opportunities. But with Aurora, you’re putting a lot of trust in AWS to “just work” in ways not traditional to relational database services (RDS). David Torgerson, Principal DevOps Engineer at Lucidchart, is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and virtually impossible to Go...
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Episode 12: Like Normal Cloud Services, but More Depressing

May 30, 2018
Does your job challenge and motivate you? Does it utilize your skills? Or, are you ready to go job hunting? Do you want an awesome job that is a resume booster? Companies should be supportive of their employees finding a job that matches their skills and interests. Also, when hiring, companies should offer thoughtful processes for interviews.   Today, I’m talking to Sarah Withee, a polyglot software engi...
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