Screaming in the Cloud

Episode 6: The Robot Uprising Will Have Very Clean Floors

How many of you are considered heroes? Specifically, in the serverless Cloud, Twitter, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) communities? Well, Ben Kehoe is a hero.

Ben is a Cloud robotics research scientist who makes serverless Roombas at iRobot. He was named an AWS Community Hero for his contributions that help expand the understanding, expertise, and engagement of people using AWS.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Ben’s path to becoming a vacuum salesman
  • History of Roomba and how AWS helps deliver current features
  • Roombas use AWS Internet of Things (IoT) for communication between the Cloud and robot
  • Boston is shaping up to be the birthplace of the robot overlords of the future
  • AWS IoT is serverless and features a number of pieces in one service
  • Robot rising of clean floors
  • AWS Greengrass, which deploys runtimes and manages connections for communication, should not be ignored
  • Creating robots that will make money and work well
  • Roomba’s autonomy to serve the customer and meet expectations
  • Robots with Cloud and network connections
  • Competitive Cloud providers were available, but AWS was the clear winner
  • Serverless approach and advantages for the intelligent vacuum cleaner
  • Future use of higher-level machine learning tools
  • Common concern of lock-in with AWS
  • Changing landscape of data governance and multi-Cloud
  • Preparing for migrations that don’t happen or change the world
  • Data gravity and saving vs. spending money


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