Screaming in the Cloud

Episode 45: Everybody Needs Backup and Recovery

Do you have to deal with data protection? Do you usually mess it up? Some people think data protection architecture is broken and requires too many dependencies. By the time a business needs to backup a lot of data, it’s a complex problem to go back in time to retrofit a backup solution for an existing infrastructure.

Fortunately, Rubrik found a way to streamline data protection components. Today, we’re talking to Chris Wahl and Ken Hui of Rubrik.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Transform backup and recovery to send data to a public Cloud and convert it to native format  
  • Add value and expand what can be done with data - rather than let it sit idle
  • Easy way for customers to start putting data into the Cloud is to replace their tape environment; people hate tape infrastructure more than their backups
  • Necessity to backup virtual machines (VMs) probably won’t go away because of challenges; Clouds and computers break
  • Customers leaving the data center and exploring the Cloud to improve operations, utilize automation
  • Business requirements for data to have a level of durability and availability
  • People vs. Technology: Which is the bottleneck when it comes to backups?
  • Words of Wisdom: Establish an end goal and workflow/pathway to get there


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