Screaming in the Cloud

Episode 44: Disagree In Commits Console Recorder for AWS

Do you have some spare time? Can you figure out an easier way to do something? Then, why not build some software?!

Today, we’re talking to Ian Mckay of Kablamo, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) consultancy. He is the author of Console Recorder, which is a browser extension that records your actions in the Management Console to convert them into SDK code and infrastructure as code templates.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Timeline to build Console Recorder
  • Infrastructure as Code: How to code repeatedly without starting over and take ownership of what you built by hand
  • AWS vs. Individual Achievements: People asked AWS for years to create something to record console click-throughs that Ian did in his spare time
  • Console Recorder support for any browser that exports Web extensions
  • Sharp edges of what’s expected of Console Recorder to speed up development
  • Management Console’s unreadable responses require reverse engineering
  • Console Recorder: Recommended use cases and areas
  • How to alleviate security concerns with Console Recorder
  • Changes to Management Console that may break things
  • Ian’s past, present, and future projects and products
  • Words of Wisdom: If you don’t like something, just fix it yourself


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