Screaming in the Cloud

Episode 42: SCREAMING WITH CHAOSSEARCH: A reInvent reTrospective

Would you like access to unlimited retention of your data within your Amazon S3, which costs far less than online storage on disc? Well, the next time you’re at re:Invent, visit CHAOSSEARCH’s booth.

Today, we’re talking to Pete Cheslock, vice president of products at CHAOSSEARCH and former vice president of operations at Threat Stack. CHAOSSEARCH helps people get access to their login event data using Amazon S3.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • re:Invent - Year of the Pin: People go nuts for conference swag and were collecting pins as if they were gold
  • Scan Your Badge and Drip Emails: Annoying and passive-aggressive marketing trends meant to be spontaneous and interesting
  • Need a job? Corey’s looking to hire a “Quinntern” to use a tag email address to gather conference swag at the next re:invent; if interested, contact him   
  • Corey and Pete’s Swag Rules: Something you want or can use, continues to be valuable, no sizes, no socks
  • Densify Drama: Conference flyer to generate leads failed, created complaints
  • Track and analyze data, but don’t use it to invade privacy or become creepy
  • Las Vegas: Right place for conferences, such as re:Invent?
  • Rather than focusing on going to conference sessions, make meeting and talking to people doing interesting things your priority
  • Midnight Madness Event: Only place Corey could do stand-up Cloud comedy
  • re:Invent 2019: Plan appropriately, identify what you want to get out of it, register ASAP to get a nearby hotel, and schedule meetings with AWS staff


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