Screaming in the Cloud

Episode 4: It's a Data Lake, not a Data Public Swimming Pool

Open source activism tends to focus on running on hardware you can trust and avoiding Cloud computing. The problem with some Cloud providers has to do with a conflict of interest between serving customers and how they generate revenue. It’s important for the customer to have control of their computer and their data in the Cloud. But what about their security and privacy?

Today, we’re talking to Kyle Rankin, chief security officer at Purism and writer for Linux Journal. He is a Linux expert who decided to work at Purism because of the company’s belief in free software and the Linux community.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Cloud providers have faced challenges when it comes to data privacy and who owns what.
  • The word “Cloud” is overloaded, and it is unclear who is in control.
  • Cloud providers can sabotage efforts to make programs work together.
  • Cloud providers may not troll through data and exploit it. Yet, they develop tools for customers to be able to do that.  
  • Even though Linux Journal stopped being printed and went digital, and was going under, it’s now back and taking a new approach.
  • What matters to new readers and Linux users is now different than what was important to original readers.
  • The more time you can spend to understand what’s happening behind the scenes will make you much more marketable and adaptable.
  • Kyle explains whether Amazon Linux is becoming a viable concern and if distribution matters anymore. Now, it’s about running an application, not thinking about what it’s running on.
  • Are there gangs of Cloud users? Do people look down on Azure users? The target is always moving and changing.  
  • Check out Kyle’s book, Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks: Server Security from TLS to Tor.


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