Screaming in the Cloud

Episode 29: Future of Serverless: A Toy that will Evolve and Offer Flexibility

Are you a blogger? Engineer? Web guru? What do you do? If you ask Yan Cui that question, be prepared for several different answers.

Today, we’re talking to Yan, who is a principal engineer at DAZN. Also, he writes blog posts and is a course developer. His insightful, engaging, and understandable content resonates with various audiences. And, he’s an AWS serverless hero!

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Some people get tripped up because they don’t bring microservice practices they learned into the new world of serverless; face many challenges
  • Educate others and share your knowledge; Yan does, as an AWS hero
  • Chaos Engineering Meeting Serverless: Figuring out what types of failures to practice for depends on what services you are using
  • Environment predicated on specific behaviors may mean enumerating bad things that could happen, instead of building a resilient system that works as planned
  • API Gateway: Confusing for users because it can do so many different things; what is the right thing to do, given a particular context, is not always clear
  • Now, serverless feels like a toy, but good enough to run production workflow; future of serverless - will continue to evolve and offer more flexibility
  • Serverless is used to build applications; DevOps/IOT teams and enterprises are adopting serverless because it makes solutions more cost effective


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