Screaming in the Cloud

Episode 28: Serverless as a Consulting Cash Register (now accepting Bitcoin!)

Is your company thinking about adopting serverless and running with it? Is there a profitable opportunity hidden in it? Ready to go on that journey?

Today, we’re talking to Rowan Udell, who works for Versent, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner in Australia. Versent focuses on specific practices, including helping customers with rapid migrations to the Clouds and going serverless.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Australia is experiencing an increase in developers using serverless tool services and serverless being used for operational purposes
  • Serverless seems to be either a brilliant fit or not quite ready for prime time
  • Misconceptions include keeping functions warm, setting up scheduled indications
  • Simon Wardley talked about how the flow of capital can be traced through an organization that has converted to serverless
  • Concept of paying thousands of dollars up front for a server is going away
  • Spend whatever you want, but be able to explain where the money is going (dev vs. prod); companies will re-evaluate how things get done
  • Serverless is either known as an evolution or revolution; transformative to a point
  • Winding up with a large number of shops where when something breaks, they don’t have the experience to fix it; gain practical experience through sharing
  • Seek developer feedback and perform testing, but know where and when to stop
  • With serverless, you have little control of the environment; focus on automated parts you do control
  • Serverless Movement: People have opinions and want you to know them
  • Understand continuum of options for running your application in the Cloud; learn pros and cons; and pick the right tool
  • Reconciliation between serverless and containers will need to play out; changes will come at some point
  • Blockchain + serverless + machine learning + Kubernetes + service mesh = raise entire seed round


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