Screaming in the Cloud

Episode 10: Education is Not Ready for Teacherless

Like migrating caribou, you tend to follow the trends of what clients are doing, which dictates what you work on as a consultant.

Today, we’re talking to Lynn Langit, an independent Cloud architect. She is an AWS Community Hero, Google Cloud developer expert, and former Microsoft MVP. Lynn is a lifelong learner, and she has worked broad and deep across all three large providers. These days, she works mostly with Google Cloud and AWS, rather than Azure, because that’s what her clients are using.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Differences between the West Coast and global use of Cloud
  • Education is key; Lynn is th co-founder of
  • Lynn helped create curriculum and resources for school-age children; even her young daughter taught classes on how to code
  • Training for teachers was also needed, so TKP Labs was formed to offer fee-based teacher and developer training
  • Lynn started with classroom training, but has transitioned to online learning
  • Lynn is focusing on Big Data projects and using tools to solve real-world problems
  • Pre-processing and batching data, but not streaming it
  • AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are all coming out with Big Data-oriented tools
  • Companies need to understand when the market is ready to accept a new paradigm; in the data world, change is more slow than in the programming world
  • If you touch a database and get burned, you are not willing to use it again; or you may have never tried to archive your data; hire a consultant to help you
  • Machine learning APIs give customers value quickly; review them before building custom models
  • Migrating data can be a costly project and restricts where the data lives
  • As Cloud proliferates, how will that impact technical education? Lynn’s Cloud for College Students to the rescue!
  • Shift from interactive to unidirectional, one-to-many learning styles; the Cloud is ready for serverless, but education is not ready for teacherless
  • Road that many of us walked to get to technical skills no longer exists; how to become a modern technologist
  • Ageism: By age 40, you are considered a manager or useless; don’t be afraid to learn something new


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