Episode 12: Like Normal Cloud Services, but More Depressing

May 30, 2018

Does your job challenge and motivate you? Does it utilize your skills? Or, are you ready to go job hunting? Do you want an awesome job that is a resume booster? Companies should be supportive of their employees finding a job that matches their skills and interests. Also, when hiring, companies should offer thoughtful processes for interviews.   Today, I’m talking to Sarah Withee, a polyglot software engi...

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Episode 11: Hickory Dickory Docker

May 23, 2018

Docker went from being a small startup to an enterprise company that changed the way people think about their infrastructure to now, where its relevance is somewhat minimal. The conversation is no longer around the container level. Docker has become commonplace. Today, we’re talking to Jérôme Petazzoni, formerly of Docker. While he was with the company for about 8 years, Docker definitely experie...

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Episode 10: Education is Not Ready for Teacherless

May 16, 2018

Like migrating caribou, you tend to follow the trends of what clients are doing, which dictates what you work on as a consultant. Today, we’re talking to Lynn Langit, an independent Cloud architect. She is an AWS Community Hero, Google Cloud developer expert, and former Microsoft MVP. Lynn is a lifelong learner, and she has worked broad and deep across all three large providers. These days, she works mostly w...

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Episode 9: Cloud Coreyography

May 09, 2018

Microsoft has experienced a renaissance. By everything that we've seen coming out of Microsoft over the past few years, it feels like the company is really walking the walk. Instead of just talking about how it’s innovative, it’s demonstrating that. Microsoft has been on an amazing journey, making the progression from telling customers what they need to listening to them and responding by building what they ask for.

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Episode 8: A Corporate Prisoner's Dilemma

May 02, 2018

Have you dabbled with IT infrastructure in AWS? Have you been through the process of AWS partnership? Does being an AWS partner add value? Amazon seeks partners that helps drive its business, goals, and value. Today, we’re talking to Justin Brodley, the vice president of Cloud engineering at Ellie Mae. He has been through the AWS partnership process and shares his thoughts about it. He encourages you to find...

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